Victor Moses Real Father, Mother, Siblings, Wife and Children

Victor Moses Real Father, Mother, Siblings, Wife and Children

We present to you Victor Moses father, mother, wife and children. who is Victor Moses wife? his son’s name? his daughter’s name? Who is Victor Moses father? Who is his mother? Who are the real parent of Victor? Siblings. 

Victor Moses Real Father, Mother, Siblings, Wife and Children

Early life of Victor Moses was tragic because he lost his parent at the age of 12 years after which he was taken to England by his uncle.

Who is Victor Moses father?

Victor Moses father was a pastor in Kaduna state, Nigeria who was killed during a religious clash in the state between the christian and the Hausa in the area which also involved the mother. Victor wasn’t home when the incident happened went to play football in a nearby field comes back to meet his parent dead. The name of Victor Moses father is Austin Moses.

Victor Moses

Who is Victor Moses mother? The name?

Was not any significant story about Victor mother we found, all we could say that she was the only wife of Austin Moses(father of Victor Moses). Her name is Josephine Moses.

Who is Victor Moses Wife?

Victor Moses is married to to his only girlfriend who has given birth to Victor Moses only son and daughter. Her name have never been uncover, Victor Moses never mentioned her to the media which he also made his wedding private.

He married to his wife about 24hours he was sent out on a red card in a game with Chelsea’s London counterpart Arsenal in a 2-1 loss.

 his son’s name? his daughter’s name? 

The name of his Son is Brentley Moses

The name of his Daughter is Nyah Moses

Who are the real parent of Victor?

Victor Moses parent real parent are dead but he his been raised by uncle who took him to London whose name is Peter Egharevba. They have been so media claim that the the name of Victor Dad just looking at the name given as his father they bear different family’s name.  

Peter Egharevba is the man who helped in the upbringing of Victor Moses and also can be called a father but he is not the real father of Victor Moses. 

Victor Moses’s Siblings?

They have not been any evidence out to Victor Moses siblings or siblings as Victor Moses love to keep jis things private. They are some media claim that he has brother and sister which are partially untruth.The brother and sister some media claimed he has are son of his uncle Peter Egharevba which names are John Egharevba and Eki Egharevba respectively. 

John Egharevba have once played for the Nigeria team at the U17 along side Mikel Obi in 2003 the FIFA World Cup in that year. 

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