5 Signs Your Boyfriend is the Cheating Type

Signs Your Boyfriend is the Cheating Type

Relationship in the 20th Century is different from other century.

When dating a boy who should try and gather as much possible information about him before accepting for a relationship. Sign that you boyfriend is the cheating type

5 Signs Your Boyfriend is the Cheating Type

1.He has Many Girls as Friends

There is no way a boy will have a lot female as not have plans to do with one or two them romantically.

2. He doesn’t pick all his calls in your front

When your boyfriend doesn’t pick all his calls in your front you should suspect that he has an affair with another girl but please try to compelled him to pick his calls in your presence before you can make decision.

3. He hides is Phone like FBI top secret file

When he hides is from you and doesn’t give you to use it might be that something is wrong

4. He hides you

In a situation you show off your boyfriend on social media and your boyfriend is been adamant to show you off after you have even told him to do so.

5. You never meet his Family or Friends 

You are dating a boy who you don’t know his family or friends. How are you gong to cope if he impregnate you and run away. How can you known him more when you never meet his friend or family before.

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